Web scraping without getting blocked

The Scraperbox api handles browsers and rotating proxies. Get the HTML from any web page with one simple API call!

$ curl "https://api.scraperbox.com/scrape?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&url=URL"
  <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
100+ customers all over the world use Scraperbox

Scrape any web page with a real browser

We manage a huge pool of browsers for you. Our scalable infrastructure will always make sure you get a fresh, fast and real Chrome browser.

Render Javascript pages
Real Chrome browsers
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"Scraperbox has helped us scrape the hardest to scrape housing websites for Rentbird." - Dirk, Tech lead at Rentbird

Use our high-end rotating proxies

Our API uses a huge rotating proxy network. Use our premium residential proxies to get through to the hardest to scrape websites.

1,000,000+ IPs
Premium residential proxies
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"Since we switched to Scraperbox our scraping has gone from a complicated workflow to just one simple API call." - David, Developer at Drift


Get started for free. Create an account and start with 500 credits to test our API.

NanoIdeal for getting started

$19 / month

What's included
  • 100,000 API credits /mo
  • 5 concurrent requests
  • Real chrome browsers
  • Premium proxies 25 API credits
MediumA slightly larger package

$59 / month

What's included
  • 1,000,000 API credits /mo
  • 50 concurrent requests
  • Real chrome browsers
  • Premium proxies 25 API credits
LargeA large package

$149 / month

What's included
  • 3,000,000 API credits /mo
  • 100 concurrent requests
  • Real chrome browsers
  • Premium proxies 25 API credits
GigaA giant package

$349 / month

What's included
  • 8,000,000 API credits /mo
  • 200 concurrent requests
  • Real chrome browsers
  • Premium proxies 25 API credits
Scrape  500  pages a
75,000 credits needed per month

Frequently asked questions

What is an API credit?
What happens when a request fails?
What happens if I run out of credits before the end of my current subscription?
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
How can Scraperbox be so cheap?

What our customers say

Our users ❤️ Scraperbox.
We help 100+ companies getting the data they need. You don't have to worry about headless chrome browsers, CAPTCHAs and proxies. Scraperbox handles everything for you

Four ways to use Scraperbox

In essence our API is a dead simple web scraping API. But with the right settings, it can do much more.

Web scraping

Use our API for general web scraping tasks such as:
  • Getting product data from Ecommerce websites
  • Getting price data from flights
  • Scraping review data

Javascript scenario's

Sometimes you need to click a button, wait for an element to appear, enter some details in a form, etc. With our Javascript scenario's you can easily control the Chrome browser to do whatever you want.
Learn more

Structured data extraction

Getting the HTML from a webpage is cool and all, but with our Structured data extraction API you can receive back data as structured JSON data.
Learn more


Use our API to take screenshots of any page. We support full page 4K HD screenshots, or screenshots of specific elements.

Learn more

Who are we?

Scraperbox started as a side-project in 2020. Since then we've grown into a serious company.

Dirk Hoekstra
Head of Growth

Dirk Hoekstra has a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence degree and is the co-founder of Scraperbox.
He is the founder of multiple startups of which one was acquired by a venture capital fund.

Ivan Moroz
Lead Developer

Ivan Moroz has a Software Engineering degree and is the lead developer of Scraperbox.
In his spare time Ivan likes to optimize his smart home with custom written code running on a Raspberry pi.

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